What are the Benefits of AWS Edge Computing?

Bell and AWS Partnership: Faster Edge Computing for a Better Future

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As technology continues to evolve, we are witnessing significant advancements in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These technological innovations are significantly shaping human experiences and driving business operations worldwide. Bell has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer AWS Wavelength Zones, a new feature that will bring faster compute and lower latency to the edge of Bell’s 5G network.

Advancement in Technologies: Is it All Good News?

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The digital age and the rapid pace of technological advancements have brought many benefits to our society. However, these advancements also come with inherent risks and challenges. One potential risk is the impact that technological innovations have on society’s most vulnerable members, including people of color. As the world has shifted towards a more digital environment, we have seen a continued trend of the marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities. This reality highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to technology development and implementation that includes the voices and perspectives of different societal groups.

Abstract: The Significance of AWS Wavelength Zones

In this article, we will explore the benefits of the new Bell and AWS partnership and how it translates into faster edge computing and lower latency. We will also highlight the significance of such technological advancements in the context of racial and ethnic minorities, who continue to face social injustices and economic disparities.

Introduction: Bell and AWS Partnership

The Bell and AWS partnership is a significant step forward in the world of technology. In essence, this partnership’s primary objective is to improve the efficiency of Edge Computing by significantly reducing latency through AWS Wavelength Zones. AWS Wavelength enables developers to serve users from the edge of Bell’s 5G network. This feature will enable Bell’s customers to harness the power of AWS to build applications with single-digit millisecond latencies that are needed to power innovative use cases like autonomous industrial equipment, smart cars, and entertainment experiences.

The Advantages of AWS Wavelength Zones

The advantages of AWS Wavelength Zones cannot be overstated. First, it will provide an opportunity to reduce latency, enabling users to receive applications’ data significantly faster than conventional cloud computing. Additionally, it will eliminate the need to centralize data in data centers, reducing data transfer times and cost. The combination of low latency and high bandwidth will enable the sharing of data and enable the real-time analysis of data, a significant advantage in many critical industries. Lastly, AWS Wavelength Zones will enable developers to develop innovative applications, transforming how businesses and individuals work and communicate with each other.

The Significance of AWS Wavelength Zones for Minority Communities

In recent times, the impact of technology on minority communities—especially black people—has come under scrutiny. From facial recognition technology that enables racial profiling to a lack of diversity in technology companies, the technology industry has repeatedly failed to consider the needs and requirements of minority communities. AWS Wavelength Zones presents an opportunity for the technology industry to take a different course of action. The benefits that AWS Wavelength Zones offer to society, including low latency, high bandwidth and the ability to share and analyze data in real-time, can most significantly impact minority communities. Here are a few ways AWS Wavelength Zones can benefit minority communities:


AWS Wavelength Zones can significantly enhance the quality of education in minority communities. Faster connection speeds and significantly reduced latency will enable teachers and students to access high-quality educational resources from remote locations. Minority communities that have typically been victims of education inequality can leverage the power of AWS Wavelength Zones, ensuring that they have access to the latest educational resources.


The Healthcare sector is possibly the most critical industry that can benefit from faster edge computing. AWS Wavelength Zones can provide low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time analysis of data. This feature enables healthcare professionals to address pressing medical issues, especially in minority communities that have been historically neglected. AWS Wavelength Zones will enable healthcare professionals to share accurate patient medical data in real-time, reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and ensuring that patients receive proper treatment.

Business and Economic Opportunities

AWS Wavelength Zones will also open up significant business and economic opportunities for minority communities. The low latency and high bandwidth of the service will enable businesses to develop innovative applications that can enhance the quality of service delivery. Minority-owned businesses that have previously struggled to keep up with the technological innovations of larger corporations will benefit from these services, enabling them to leverage the advantages of edge computing.

The Future of AWS Wavelength Zones

The future of AWS Wavelength Zones looks promising. The partnership between Bell and AWS has created a roadmap that developers can leverage to create new applications and services in a vast range of industries. These services will transform how businesses operate and how individuals interact with each other. The real-time sharing of data and the ability to analyze data in real-time will enable businesses to create new efficiencies that were impossible to achieve previously. AWS Wavelength Zones will enable developers to create new applications that will revolutionize the way society functions.

The Bottom Line

The partnership between Bell and AWS in bringing AWS Wavelength Zones to 5G networks presents significant benefits to society. The low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time data sharing and analysis features will revolutionize how we work, live and communicate with each other. The technology industry has a responsibility to consider all members of society when creating and implementing new technologies. AWS Wavelength Zones presents an opportunity to ensure that everyone benefits from technological advancements, regardless of race or social standing.

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